Inspiration, Desperation and Perspiration are three of the most common elements needed for a successful outcome, with inspiration and desperation we become motivated, whereas perspiration is the sweat of the hard work that gets us the results we want.

Inspiration is more than just the reward of a carrot at the end of a long stick, because with inspiration you get ‘purpose’ which is the big picture that continues to move you forward from one goal to another, with inspiration you become focused and driven.

Desperation makes you feel uncomfortable, it gives you the leverage you need to get you moving, desperation makes you push like you have never pushed before in order to get the momentum needed to make the changes you need to make to move away from where you are now.

Perspiration is the sweat that it takes to work towards your goal, being inspired and desperate will get you going but in the real world it’s never going to be easy, and that means you need to put in the hours consistently every day, to keep moving, to keep up the momentum and to get back up when you falter.

The questions you need to ask yourself are;

Have you got the inspiration you need to give you the purpose and passion you need,  are you desperate enough to push you past your threshold to make the changes you need to make to be successful and above all are you willing to put in the effort, hard work and sweat to get what you want?

Inspiration, Desperation and Perspiration are the three of the biggest drivers we have that guide us, push us and move us towards success.