In the zone is all about achieving a state of mind of complete focus and drive, being in the zone means you are in the moment reacting almost automatically to the situation at hand. Sportsmen train to achieve this state it’s a key component of a winner’s mindset, a great example of being in the zone was in the 2013 Wimbledon men’s final where not only was it evident from the amazing tennis in the last game but also during the subsequent post match interview.

“I’ve got no idea what happened….I really don’t know what happened, I don’t know how long that last game was,  but I don’t know….I can’t even remember, I’m sorry, …..I was concentrating. – (Andy Murray).

When you are ‘in the Zone‘ you forget about everything else around you, when you are in the zone you become fully engrossed in what you are doing. Obviously the ability to get into this state when the pressure of the whole country is upon you and one of your life’s goals is within your grasp is a huge achievement in itself.

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi described as one if the worlds leading experts in positive psychology describes being in the zone as ‘a flow state of completely focused motivation.’

It’s not uncommon to see sportsmen crumble at crucial times in games, when at that time they fail to do even simple tasks, this is the opposite of being in the zone, this opposite state is referred to as the ‘yips’, which is defined as the apparent loss of fine motor skills without apparent explanation.
Getting the the Yips happens because we ‘over think’ what we need to do and the pressure of a situation makes us try and do something consciously instead of unconsciously, the yips also happens when we leave the ‘now’ and start worrying about things that have happened or what could happen and this takes you away from being where you really need to be to take the next point and win the game.

Murray’s comments after the game do not come as a surprise to those of us that understand the mindset of winners, in fact it was totally apparent from both his tennis and his comments that he managed to stay in the zone until the last shot of the game.

Most sportsman will experience being ‘in the zone’ where training and preparation let them enter a single-minded positive state where they are playing on the top of their game, totally energised, non fatigued and doing amazing things automatically.

“It’s a simple lesson but if you can learn to be yourself – the most positive form of yourself – then good things tend to happen”.

The comment above was by Alexis Castorri a sports psychologist who has worked with Andy  Murray in the past and has helped him with the mental side of the game which gave him the strength of mind which was clearly apparent to all of us in the last game of the 2013 final.

Getting in the zone is something we can all do, and we don’t need to be a tennis player to achieve it, we just need to be doing something we enjoy doing for more information here’s an article that gives you 5 tips to achieving a flow state and getting in the zone http://juvenate.orgthe-flow-state-8/effort

If you want to work with us to reach a level of peak performance, so that we can help you get in the zone and achieve the right state of mind that makes the difference when you need it please get in touch.
Alternatively if you just want to watch the tennis in an epic game between two amazing players please watch the video below.

This article entitled ‘in the zone’ was written by Dr Jeff Stoker.