The three things you need to know when starting a project or a business,

experience has shown that 3 simple things will save you energy time and money.



  1. Do you Pass on the project and Give up.
  2. Do you Persist and Carry on.
  3. Or do you Change Direction or Pivot direction.
You constantly need to know when to Pass, Persist or Pivot.
90% of businesses do not achieve their original goals
many change their focus.
Building a business is a matter of being dynamic, the old dictum of “there’s two things you need to do in business that is;

have a good plan and execute it” may not be fully true!

The plan you have may be a good one but it could be the wrong one! So be dynamic and 

Know when to change direction,

know when to stop and

know when to persevere 


The Dip.

As well as changing direction there are  always times when motivation and businesses slump.

The dip happens in all businesses, getting through a dip makes, breaks, or redefines a business.

The important factor is knowing the difference between a dip and a dead end!

That means knowing when to keep going at all costs and knowing when you are in a cul-de-sac.


 Further Reading

There are 2 easy books to read on these subjects,

changing directionchanging direction
The Lean Start Up by Eric Reis, talks about the lessons learned when starting a business and knowing when to Pivot, test market assumptions and  avoid costly dead ends.



changing direction
changing directionThe Dip by Seth Goddin discusses when to quit and when to stick, it is always taught that quitting is a bad thing, Seth disagrees with this suggesting that ‘winners quit quick, quit often and without guilt.’