WordPress is an open source content management system or put in layman’s terms it is one of the best ways to start a blog or get a Website started, it is also free to use.

What this means is that you can get a professional looking web site together for next to nothing.

The other advantages of WordPress are that it is ‘open sourced’ which means the WordPress community provides this platform with just about everything that you will ever need in the form of plug-ins and widgets to make it able to do just about anything you want it to do.

The platform can also have multiple themes installed on it which means it can look like however you want it to look whether it be a personal blog or a business website.

These are the 5 top things you need to do with WordPress that will save you time, money and headaches further down the line.

1. Host your blog or site on a separate hosting company other than WordPress’ own server.

This means for a small fee you can have your own domain name, which is essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Brand Building.

Most importantly you can upload a range of essential 3rd party plugins and widgets that you cannot do on a WordPress  hosting.

Hosting companies like ‘Go-Daddy’ have a ‘one click’ WordPress install and you can register your domain name at the same time.

2. Install WordPress into the root directory of your site this is better than a separate directory for and essential for SEO.

It’s a pain doing this at a later date and you may need to start again to get the basic architecture correct so its best done when you install for the first time.

3. For security reasons.

Change your default user name from admin

and use a decent Password

4. Add the following Plugins

Google XML Site maps

All in one SEO

The reason for the site map plug-in is that you need to tell Google how to search, list  and crawl your site with an appropriate site map, this plug-in does all of that for you.

You also need to enable people to find your blog. All in one SEO is one of the most straight forward SEO tools available and is easy to use to optimise your chances of being found.

5. Make your navigation easier

Make the basic navigation around your site easy to do and ensures your internal links are related to what the blogs are about or what those web pages are called.

This helps with SEO having within the URL what the page is about, it also helps you understand and keep track on internal links when you are constructing the site.

Quite simply from the main dashboard;


The Permalink setting should be set to Custom and paste the following text below into the box provided.


After these basic tweaks Wordpress will be much more user-friendly, future proofed and now ready for you to to start adding content and themes.