Enjoy the Journey.

I have a GPS watch, when I run it shows me how far and how fast (or how not so fast) that I’ve run, I stopped using it about 3 years ago after I ran my last marathon, since then it has gathered dust in the study in the bottom of box.

I came across this old watch a few days ago and out of curiosity I charged it up, and after taking what seemed like ages to boot up it flickered to life, and being a GPS watch it then took a little time to figure out where it was.

The funny thing was this watch still had my personal best times on it for exactly the same routes I still run now but from over 3 years before. So I used one of the training functions on the watch which in effect now enabled me to compete against my younger self, in effect I was running against a person 3 years younger, that had established this previous PB just before running the London marathon in just over 3 hours.

Today I didn’t just beat my younger self I demolished my last personal best for this route, I finished a whole kilometre ahead of what I did 3 years ago running exactly the same route.

Now I’m sitting here drinking coffee, reflecting on what I did earlier today, and when I do look back I can see why this happened, for the last three years I have come a long way;

After a spate of injuries a few years back, I changed my running style to that of ‘chi running’ now I have more balance, my heals hardly touch the ground and I run far more fluid than I have ever done, and favour a more mid foot strike.
Additionally over the last 3 years I started to introduce regular HIIT workouts to my training, and last season I some speed work for the first time with the local running club to get my old legs going again.

For the last year stretching and yoga has been a regular activity on some mornings, for about the same time I have practiced mindfulness meditation and have recently introduced these breathing patterns into my running to create rhythm, relaxation and balance.

Perhaps though as well as exercise, I have eaten really well, I have got rid of the carbohydrate roller coaster I used to ride, I’ve done this by avoiding sugars, processed and carbohydrate dense food in favour of good quality protein, leafy green vegetables, salads and pulses.
Not only have I lost over a stone in weight I am a dam sight leaner, my body metabolises fat much more efficiently and my energy levels have increased dramatically.

It’s no surprise I beat that time from 3 years ago, I’m not the same person, and despite the pain of the pre-marathon training my younger self endured to set this old record, today I set a new one simply because I got back to basics, learned how to breath, eat, relax and run more efficiently.

Three years ago I started writing the Juvenate website, for a year my blogs were like signposts in the desert, now with over 10000 visitors a month I realise what consistency can achieve, (and thankfully how my writing has improved).

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome”. – Arthur Ashe

Maybe the Juvenate slogan of ‘be the best you can’ has also rubbed off in other facets of my life, and maybe in facets that I haven’t yet realised, and like my run today maybe
now I concentrate more on the harmony of how I run the journey rather than just the destination.

Coaching is about helping you get from where you are to where you want to get to,
perhaps like my watch there are times when you get lost, it then takes time for you to realise where you are, the real issue is to focus on your destination and to enjoy your journey, and maybe just like me you will surprise yourself too.

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