Elephant chain syndrome is a Life Coaching term and it doesn’t just happen to elephants in fact elephant chain syndrome happens to people and to organisations.

Let me explain further, have you ever seen a fully grown elephant at a circus, the 7000 kg elephant has a chain around its hind leg secured into the soft muddy ground with a small peg or stake. There’s no way that the peg could ever hold the elephant, in fact the elephant could if it wanted to walk away at any time but it doesn’t, it just stays put.
The elephant has elephant chain syndrome, it just doesn’t believe it can break away.

The reason for elephant chain syndrome is that when an elephant is young it gets chained up to keep it from running away, it has it’s hind leg chained to a strong unmovable post or tree so when it tries to free itself it can’t.
On all accounts it takes less than 2 months for an elephant to develop elephant chain syndrome, this happens when the elephant stops struggling against the chain because it knows there’s no way it can break free.

Even when that elephant is fully grown and even when there’s nothing but a small peg driven into soft ground attached to the chain holding it back because of the ‘learned helplessness’ that developed in the younger elephant the older elephant still believes that it can’t break free from the chain and doesn’t even try, this in a nutshell is elephant chain syndrome.

The question is do you or your organisation suffer from elephant chain syndrome, are you being held back by ways of thinking from the past or is your organisation held back by its historical ways if doing things.

Elephant chain syndrome happens when we are held back by self imposed limitations and entrenched thinking patterns.

The question is what’s holding you back, have you got ‘elephant chain syndrome’ have you created self imposed limitations that are stopping you moving on and breaking free?

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