Disruption change is major change that happens all at once, its not a gradual process, it doesn’t build on old foundations, instead disruptive change is something that by definition causes major disruption, it makes you leave your comfort zone and in doing so it opens your eyes, changes your horizons and takes your blinkers off.

Disruptive change puts your back against the wall, it stirs you to take action, disruptive change may mean that you burn your bridges, that there’s no way back and the only direction you can move is different to the road you previously traveled.

Sometimes where you are now and what you are doing now, is not enough, persistent change is slow progress and may never get you where you want to get to. If you feel impatient and disturbed enough, and you feel something else is needed in your life, perhaps the only way to make those changes is with disruptive change and for you quite literally to take that jump.

The one thing that is sure about disruptive change is that it stirs you into action, through necessity it widens your skill base and with it you get to play another game with different rules.

Disruptive change is something you can do to yourself so that you can make those changes that you need to make, in business disruptive change causes ‘disruptive innovation’ which is what happens when you do something new and remarkable in your business sector to grab a share of the market by pure innovation.

This video is all about Disruptive change in your business and yourself.


Disruptive change can happen in your life, or your business, it means you are forced to take action, it forces you to do something new, it’s not progressive gradual or organic change, instead it’s disruptive, but this disruption is what causes you to grow more than you could without it.