Curiosity and Success

Curiosity is a key trait needed for success, it is said to an emotion, or a basic human drive that pushes us towards inquisitive behaviour such as exploration, learning and a desire for  knowledge.

In this way curiosity pushes us towards new opportunity, it propels us towards success, it makes us eager to question and to learn, for year it has been accepted that with students intellectual curiosity is a strong predictor of their future academic performance, and I believe curiosity is also a strong predictor of success in life in general.

Einstein was one of the greatest minds of our time is quoted to have said

‘I have no special talent, I am just passionately curious’ – Einstein

Studies have also suggested that standard measurements of IQ may be fixed, yet curiosity is boundless and with increased curiosity comes mentality agility, decreased boredom and an increased ability for lifelong learning.

So consider a child’s brain which is a blank slate it has no restrictions or expectations, curiosity is how a child learns about the world by trying and exploring, curiosity drives our ability to learn and experience and gives us an insatiable hunger for something new.

In life and business we need to have an open mind, we need to see opportunities when they come along, curiosity moves us from being stuck in the old towards something new, it removes our blinkers and opens our eyes to new opportunity.

In Summary.

Curiosity drives and motivates successful people, it is commonly overlooked as one of the main ‘success’ traits however I see curiosity as one of the main emotional drivers and precursors to many of the characteristics that people need to be successful.

So remain curious, learn and open your mind to new opportunity and adventure.