Creating Yourself is better than trying to Find Yourself.

I went travelling 15 years ago, my agenda was to work for 6 months down under and have fun along the way.

A fellow traveller a rather dishevelled back packer, we got talking over a beer, on the subject of why he was travelling he said “I’m trying to find myself”.

It took a while before I realised that he had totally the wrong goal.

A lot of people not stumble thinking that achievement, opportunity and success will find them.

What really is important is not “finding yourself” but “creating yourself”.

Creating yourself and defining who you are is not a passive process, you can make it happen, you can be active in the process, you can fix any defects and you can push in the direction you want to go.

You need to be exposed to new things to gain varied experience, but make sure this experience is contributing towards your

goal in some way.

Continually pushing yourself and raising the bar, moving out of your comfort zone is what you need to do to gain the skills and ability you need to take opportunity when it arises, and ultimately to achieve your goals.

Everyone is sometimes in the right place at the right time, but you also need to be equipped with the resources to take those opportunities when they arise.

 If opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door

Learning through adversity and failure is good at tempering your personality and resolve, but sooner or later you will realise that you need to set yourself up to win.

You wouldn’t turn up to a football match without your boots, or turn up to the golf course without a set of clubs.

Get into the habit of doing new things, start ‘Creating Yourself’ and gain the skills you need to set yourself up to win when opportunities find you.