Creating your own destiny is something that only the minority of people do successfully, whilst the majority cruise aimlessly through life trusting in predetermined fate or lady luck to shine.

Here are 9 elements that you need to apply to your life to forge a destiny that you want. Creating your own destiny is up to you.

Focus on your Outcome.

Perhaps the first thing you need to do is decide where you want to get to in life’s journey, who you want to be, and by when you want to get there. Your outcomes and results need to be clear, with this clarity you can focus on achieving your goal and creating your own destiny.

Daily Plan of Action.

By working daily towards your goal you are take multiple small steps, your destiny is not created over night, it takes a lifetime of small steps that build momentum and move you ever closer. There’s no point going around and around in circles you need to think about what you need to do every day and have a plan to keep you on the right track, forever adjusting your direction and changing your plan when needed to keep your momentum going. The other key is to take action and be proactive, there’s no point having a plan without taking taking action with daily application.

Self Belief. 

You cant be afraid of your destiny, you need to believe in yourself to be able to achieve and this makes the impossible possible. You can’t be afraid to live, to set yourself free and take that first step. We are only human, we fall and fail, we need the virtue and determination to carry on and get back up and this all starts with your self belief.

Be Passionate.

There’s nothing better than doing what we love to do, having a destiny that defines you and that is created by you by doing something you are passionate about will give you that extra drive that you will need.

Aim high.

By aiming high we aspire to be the best, don’t be average, learn to hate mediocrity and try and be exceptional at everything you do. Learn from the best and try and be better, reach for the moon, if you fail you will still end up in the stars.

Think Outside the Box.

Live the extraordinary life, do what you think is right, take risks when you need to and travel the road less traveled. Doing what others expect leads to your destiny being defined by others and to mediocrity. you need to be unique, be an individual and travel your own path to create a destiny of your own.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask for advice, get a mentor and learn from other people whether that be from their success or their mistakes. Use your network, leverage your contacts and don’t be afraid to help others along the way as remember help is usually reciprocal. Your destiny is what you want it to be but it’s OK to get some help, it may even help you get there quicker.

Sharpen your Saw.  

We are talking here about keeping yourself sharp and making sure you have the right tools in your tool box and being ready to take the next opportunity when it comes your way. Life and learning go hand in hand, the lessons you learn from your journey will help define who you are whilst your ability to adapt and to learn new skills will set you up to win.

Stay Healthy.

We may well have a created our own destiny and planned our route, to get there we need to take care of our vehicle, we only get one body every lifetime and despite improvements in medical care it needs to be kept healthy. We need to rest when we can, and take care of our physical, mental and spiritual health.

There’s no point in creating your own destiny only to falling short as your life falls apart.

Your destiny is self determined not pre-determined, we have the power to create a destiny that we have defined and we have the ability to prepare for opportunity and make things happen rather than rely on fate.

Creating your own destiny is up to you.