Clinging on in the context of this article is something that people do when they fail to let go of something familiar. In life when you feel insecure people tend to hang on tight to what you are used to, the trouble is sometimes all this does is drag you back.

Taking the next step sometimes means you need to let go of whatever it is you are clinging on to, this may also lead to insecurity, but happiness is not an absence of insecurity.

Letting go and experiencing change may not instantly make you happy in life, but what it does is get your life going in the direction it needs to travel.

Imagine a child with a comfort blanket, this is acceptable up to a certain age then despite how much the comfort blanket feels good the child just needs to let go and move on however difficult it is.

Are there things in your life that you are clinging on to that you need to let go, are there things that you do or say to yourself that make you feel comfortable or help soften the fact that you know need to change?

Sometimes we cling on to old behaviours, old habits, jobs, bad relationships or even just the past itself, perhaps there are times when the safest thing you can do feels risky and the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.

Remember if you are not happy by hanging on to the lack of insecurity doesn’t make you any happy, the only way you can change is to let go and stop clinging on.