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Changing your Attitude Changes your Life.


I’m in the business of fixing problems, and one I do know is that people want results, they expect results, they want their problems fixed, and they want to get better and for the most part I want the same for them.

One of the thing that I’ve seen that makes a huge difference is a person’s life is their attitude, their attitude towards life can be positive or negative, this could be as simple as ; if a person thinks a treatment might work, or thinks a treatment might not work they invariably tend to be right in either case.

You could call it subjective, you could call it the placebo effect, or you could call it the nocebo effect, there’s a lot of people out there who just call this effect the the power of positive (or negative thinking), I don’t really care what it is you call it its all down to a persons attitude and I see examples of this phenomena every day and I’ve come to the conclusion that for us to appreciate life we need the right attitude.

I once heard that a ‘positive anything is always better than a negative nothing’ because if we are too negative in our attitude to life we can miss out, and even worse we can fall into he trap of never doing.

‘Once we start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones we start getting positive results’

Have you ever heard of the ‘watermelon effect’ some people don’t eat watermelon because they can’t stand the seeds, whereas others make the decision not to let the pips get in the way and its the same with life.

What I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t let small problems get in the way of the big picture, I’m a firm believer that adversity, failure and hardship are some of life’s great lessons, and these are also some of the drivers that give you a kick up the arse that gets you out of your comfort zone to help you grow, become better and succeed,  and your attitude to life must accept this.

‘Attitude not aptitude gives you altitude’ – Zig Ziglar

All of us fail and the best of us fail more, we all have knock-backs and only if you have the right attitude will you keep going and getting back up on your feet after you have been knocked down.

Without the right attitude we may unintentionally focus on our problems, dwell on the past, or we may fear the worst that could happen in the future causing a paralysis of non doing in the present.

People want results, I want results, but there are times when attitude is the key to the results you want, because sometimes changing your attitude changes your life. 

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