Motivational Videos

Here is a selection of our top motivational videos as selected by our subscribers,
They take minutes to watch and will hopefully leave you motivated and inspired.

The 8th Habit from Effectiveness to Greatness.

The 8th Habit is primarily concerned with taking you from being ‘Effective’ which The 7 Habits installed in you to being ‘Great’.
The 8th Habit is all about developing a purpose, a Voice and becoming Great.

Managing Change

Managing Change is important , learning the fundamentals of managing change as a managed, organised process not only speeds up how quickly change is implemented it prevents loss of employees and reduces the degree of pessimism in your organisation.
Here we discuss the 5 factors essential for managing change.

Creating your own destiny

Creating your own destiny is something only a few people do successfully.

Don't cruise aimlessly through life trusting in predetermined fate or lady luck.

Learn how to forge the destiny that you want to create.

The Perfect Work Day

A ‘perfect day’ at work is the goal for most of us who spend our time beavering away at our desks.

If we have a few simple rules to structure our day we can become more balanced and productive..

Here are the half-dozen rules that I try to apply to every day.