Just Breathe

Some people forget how important breathing is, this article talks about breathing more effectively, how breathing effects the mind, and also introduces you to a few basic breathing techniques that can help with anxiety and aid clarity of fhought.

Imposter Syndrome

This article discussed the 5 best ways to combat Imposter Syndrome, which is a condition that can hold back highly successful people.

The ‘Back of a Taxi’ effect

The ‘Back of a Taxi’ effect.   For those of us that get anywhere in life its a known fact that focusing your efforts towards your goal and a having a defined endpoint is the first thing you need to do before you start doing anything, and in the words...

The Law of Reversed Effort

The law of reversed effort was originally described by Aldous Huxley who noticed the fact that sometimes in life the harder you try the less likely you are to succeed.

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions we make after a long session of decision making, why this is important is that decision fatigue causes us to make unhealthy and unproductive choices in our lives and if so this article can help you.