Three Small Ways to Build Your Self Confidence.

…his confidence was shot and he was at an all time low, it occurred to me that treating his depression with medication could give him back some balance, but how was he going to get his confidence back… 

The important thing about confidence is that it is a catalyst, it can be the small thing that makes the difference between winning and losing, and often it can be that one intangible ingredient that means you get what you want, because without confidence you may never get started doing what you really want to do.

I used to think that confidence was just a matter of telling yourself you can do it, but now I know that confidence is a lot more than just a positive voice inside your head, I believe real confidence is something innate, something internal, something from inside, and it’s also something that can be built up but unfortunately also something that can be knocked down.

…he told me that he spent most of his time sitting in his room, that he felt he was a failure therefore he avoided anything that might lead to this again, he felt that he had let down everyone else around him… 

Perhaps most importantly confidence can help you do is take action, because without enough confidence it can be difficult for you to breakaway from those limiting beliefs that are holding you back, this article discusses three ways of building your confidence, it introduces to you three habits that you can introducing into your life that will have a positive effect and most importantly help you grow your confidence.

1. Make it difficult for yourself.
To build confidence in times of uncertainty, you need to get used to being uncomfortable, you need to spend time outside of your comfort zone and start to become used to difficult situations, because it is only by pushing yourself always forward just past your present capabilities that you will grow, by challenging yourself every day by making things difficult for yourself it forces you to learn, in doing so it increases your resources, you can take more in your stride, you learn to handle more and most importantly in doing so you build up your confidence.

2. Fail, Fail and Fail again.
You will feel like you are overflowing with confidence if you spend your time worrying about the failing, instead if you get used to failure you won’t fear it, you won’t focus on it and you won’t be hindered by it. You learn more from failure than for success, yet most importantly I believe that if you learn that you will always get back up after you fall (or fail) with the knowledge of knowing you will always do this, the fear of failure will fail to dent your confidence.

3. Make it personal.
You need to live your own life, because your life is not about other people’s expectations of what you should do, it’s about what you really want, so to stay motivated you need to do what you want to do, and do what you want for your own reasons. People who only want to please everyone else inevitably end up being unhappy, so when it comes to confidence it’s so important to think about what you really want, and if what you are planning to do is aligned with what you really want inside, and if there’s meaning and purpose behind your actions you can’t fail to be motivated.

This article was written on reflection of how I could help someone build up their confidence, because at this time of year sometimes confidence is sometimes the key to making a real difference when you are down in the dumps; the weather is rotten, Christmas is over, and with a litter of failed New Year Resolutions behind most of us, we are approaching the most miserable time of the year.

So on the eve of ‘Blue Monday’ I though I’d put pen to paper write a short article about three of the traits that I have seen that really do help people get their confidence back.