We need Boundaries

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Personal Development

This short blog is all about why we need boundaries in our lives; without walls your roof might fall in, you lock your doors at night for a reason, you put a fence around your garden, the reason you do this is that without these clear boundaries you don’t feel safe.

We live our lives within boundaries until the time comes when we feel safe to venture out, then as we do so we grow, the unknown becomes the known, we leave previous limitations behind and our lives and the boundaries we impose on ourselves expand.

Parents give kids boundaries and the protection they need until they too can venture out, the paradox being remove their boundaries too soon and they can get lost and feel insecure, remove them too late and they fail to grow, mature and learn.

Living a life without limits and boundaries can mean that there’s no feeling of protection or control, but contrast this with the suffocation of living too long within your own limits and it won’t be long before the walls close in, the question is which side of the fence do you want to be? 

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