Bounce is a book that is a must read for anyone who wants to excel and perform at the highest level.

This book is written by a popular journalist and writer who once excelled at table tennis, although slanted towards sports there is a clear message throughout the book that

There is no such thing as ‘natural talent’, purposeful practice and hard work is the key to being the best.

The book is an exploration of peak performance, throughout real life examples of winning or losing are given, performance is deconstructed  into it’s key elements and myths previously held by some if us about prodigious talent are exposed to be nothing more than the result of purposeful practice.

The author gives credit where credit is due to previous and current experts in success and performance.
He quotes previous research and applies this to real examples that have happened to celebrities and sportsmen.

I learned a great deal from the book,  its well written by a seasoned writer with an inquisitive mind and a sporting background.

For anyone that needs confirmation that continuous hard work is a key component of success you need to read this book.

For me the book helped me understand success and how purposeful directed practice is the key to talent which is earned and learned.

Being a sportsman myself I also recalled and enjoyed reading about many of the examples he gave throughout the book.

The take home message is that there needs to be at least 10000 hours of purposeful practice over 10 years to be the best at what you do.

Combine this effort with the correct mindset and given the resources are available to you, then possibly you are well on your way to succeed in what you do.