Blame and Responsibility.

“It’s not my fault”, he said automatically, the look of accusation in his eyes as he scanned the room, looking for something or someone to blame. At every visit there was a hot headed criticism a rebuke, slur and castigation of his treatment, it seemed to him back then that nothing worked. What was needed wasn’t available on prescription, it was more difficult to swallow than any tablet, the only thing he could take was to take responsibility”.

Too often in life when something happens many people instinctively blame other people for the situation they find ourselves in, as their situation worsens they then become more aggressive at blaming others, refusing at times to confront the real issue and change their lives for the better.

“change is only possible when you confront the real issue”

When it comes to health, sometimes people fail to hear the truth and bury their head in the sand only taking it out to look around and point a finger at someone else, whilst refusing to accept the real cause for their dilemma.

One thing I have learned is that in life some of us are lucky to have choices, and when we do have a choice; we can either blame society, the government, other people, parents, or even bad luck, or we can address the real issue and try and work things out.

Your life is the fruit of your own doing, if you take you life into your own hands you are taking responsibility, the funny thing is when you do that you will find you have no one to blame apart from your self, and this is exactly the catalyst you need to change for the better.

“Blaming others takes your focus away from self improvement, it stops you getting better”.

So if you want to help yourself, you need to change your attitude and stop blaming others, to do this you need to refuse to accept anything other than responsibility for your own life and when you do this you will start to grow.

With growth and responsibility you are creating a new you from inside out, and this new you will be able to have a larger effect in changing your circumstances for the better.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Looking back It had been 5 year since we had first met, then his weight and his blood pressure was twice that of an average man, the strain on his body had started to become apparent. The medical term is de-fibrillation and like many many people you would think that it was this electric shock that saved him by stopping his fibrillating heart cold and jump starting it back into a normal rhythm, for me I believe this shock did more because it also jolted him into taking responsibility and with this change of heart came a tempo of change in his life that was now obvious to see.

He had lost over 6 stone, his blood pressure was normal, he sat back in the chair relaxed, there was a single bead of sweat on his brow, after all he had cycled here and it was a very hot day.   

Taking responsibility is a bitter pill, it needs to be taken every day, it may need to be taken in increasing doses become you get used to it, the side effects of taking responsibility are that it makes you grow and sometimes this is painful, yet sometimes it is the only thing you can take to make a real difference in your life, the problem is I can’t prescribe it on prescription or make you take it, only you can decide to do this for yourself.

You can start taking responsibility straight away, the change within you can take less time than a single heartbeat, the first step is to stop looking for others to blame.

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