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TED for those of you that don’t know is a non profit site devoted to inspirational ideas worth spreading.

TED has over 1100 talks initially covering the topics of Technology, Education and Design which gives you the anagram TED, although today the subject matter is now much broader from science to business and important global issues.

The Talks are presentations by experts, celebrities but most importantly individuals passionate about their subject matter all getting about 18 minutes or less to get their message across. TED talks are educational and inspiring, personally I’ve spent hours watching and listening to Ted talks so I’d encourage you all to make a visit to the TED site and watch a few talks for yourself.

This reason for this short article is to tell you not just about TED talks but also to list the other sites I’ve found on the net that delivers the same type of content as

The TED website can be found at

For those of you familiar with TED, you may be thinking are there any alternatives to TED Talks on the internet?

Alternatives to TED Talks

Here are another dozen other sites, some with the same ethos, some with more content, and some certainly inspirational.


In Summary.

These sites are not TED but they are definitely worth a look.
I most also admit that researching this topic has opened my eyes to some other great resources out there, and please let me know if I have missed any other sites that are worth a mention.

Bibliography and References

The TED website can be found at


  1. Karim2k

    You;ve missed one of the best, the BIL Conference compleytly free complety open.

    • juvenate1

      BIL has been added,
      I don’t know how I missed it, thanks again


  2. Adam Aldum

    Hi Jeff,

    Really like the suggestions on here

    • Editor

      Thanks Adam.
      There’s some good stuff out there.

  3. Joe Strahl

    When something started as “new”, “refreshing” and the like after a time becomes an institution — like TED — perhaps it becomes time to look more closely at TED (and it’s clones) to see what the underlying assumptions and ideology are behind the talks and the phenomenon. This link (including there a link to a TED talk 🙂 ) begins to do just that. While individual TED talks can be great in the right context, there are some real dangers behind TED as a phenomenon according to the writer/speaker so please read/watch and then reflect.

  4. Iro Grammatikaki

    There is, also, another TED alternative that you could check out. The association’s name is WikiStage, is non profit, and focuses on finding people who want to organise an event, giving them a free organiser license and an online platform to broaden the audience that will watch the event’s video. They have already completed successful events in Stanford University, in Worldbank, and around 70 more places.
    Here is the website, you can watch some videos and check it by yourself 🙂

  5. Viktorija

    One more great alternative is WikiStage. WikiStage is an open and big global community to share Ideas for Change. So far, WikiStage had 100 events in 15 countries all over the world, and it keeps growing. What is really great is that soon, WikiTalks will be on Wikipedia.


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