The Reasons why Self-Belief is Important.

You try things and perhaps only do things that you believe you can do, you may only start towards a goal and take action if you believe that the goal is achievable.

Alternatively if you don’t do something it may be because you lack the self-belief, the confidence to take action or even just to see things through.

Self-belief is very important as it is the first and a fundamental key to changing your life and becoming successful.

  • It empowers you as an individual and gives you control back in your life.
  • It gives you confidence in achieving your goals.
  • It increases your self-worth it therefore helps you trust yourself, your instincts, your thoughts and feelings and make positive decisions.
  • It also helps you shrug off criticism, rejection, setbacks and other problems along the way.
  • It also gives you the ability to get back up and persist and carry on even after a set back.

Perhaps what you are thinking is ‘ok self-belief is important so what are the 5 steps to develop it?’

5 Ways you can build Bullet Proof Self-Belief

Self-belief starts from within, it is confidence, not arrogance.

Self-belief starts in your mind and the good news is that it can be developed by getting the right mindset and then additionally re-enforcing this mindset by a number of practical steps which will set you up to win.

  1. Remove your negative thoughts
  2. Visualize your goal and visualize yourself being successful.
  3. Focus on what you can do now. (Not what you can’t do, or what is wrong).
  4. Take small steps achieve things one step at a time, build your belief step by step.
  5. You can teach yourself the skills you need to achieve to make your success more likely, you can aim higher and your limits will disappear.

Steps 1 and 2 involve removing your negative thoughts and replacing these thoughts with positive thoughts, this can be achieved by practicing simple NLP techniques. The Belief Change Swish Pattern Technique is great for doing this.

The practical steps here are steps 3 and 4, they are great ways to cement your self-belief by taking simple steps to reinforce your mindset and setting out on your goal.

Thinking about what you can do now and actually doing something about it starts you on your journey, it takes the mental self-belief you have and strengthens it as real world action.

I doubt many of us could really get up in the morning and run a marathon, no matter how strong our self-belief we have to train, we have to take lots of small steps before we are ready to run and achieve our goal. Apply this to life, look at success being lots of small actions, all of these small actions take us nearer to our goals and re-enforce our self-belief.

Develop a growth mindset, learn what you need to do, think about what resources and skills you need to be successful. Having the skills gives you confidence which strengthens your self-belief.