There are some things that you never get taught in school and that you only learn through life and experience.

Some of these skills can be learned and practised, in this article I will introduce you to 4 separate business skills that you will find are essential, I have also provided a few links to other articles for further reading.

1. How to Pitch. 
As an entrepreneur at some time you will need to pitch to investors.
Whether it be a short elevator pitch  or a more formal pitch, pitching is all about you as much as much as the subject of the pitch.

The 3 most important things an investor needs to know about you are discussed in this link.

2. How to Present.
Giving a good presentation can be the difference between getting that dream job or success and failure for your business.

Presentations are also an excuse for people to find out a little more about you.

By learning a few basic techniques you can stand out from the crowd and be noticed for all of the right reasons, follow this link for more information.

3. How to Sell.
You may be selling a product, or just an idea.
Knowing how to sell something to someone is an essential skill in life and business.
Good sales technique makes you more likely to make a sale.

Here is a simple 7 step process to help you close the deal.

4. How to Negotiate.
Here are my top 10 negotiation tactics, I have seen them being used to good effect, and I remember when they have been used against me in the past.

With a use of these tactics you can stand your ground against a skilled negotiator.

Being effective in negotiating is an essential business skill.

Building Negotiation skill could mean the difference between getting a good deal and being pushed into something you don’t want to do.

Here we give you a framework to use so that you can improve your Negotiation skills.

These sets of skills, techniques and tools will help you raise your game and stand out, they are never taught in school, they are essential for businesses of all types and above all can be practised and mastered.