Self Denigration

Self denigration is the habit of persistent negative thinking and self talk,
have you ever thought how low you can put yourself down?

Make Stuff Happen

This article is a wake up call, if you want to keep dreaming you might as well stop reading, but if want to learn a very important lesson about success then read on.


This article will make you think, it will help you understand why having a purpose is important, and hopefully after reading it you can start to work out exactly what your purpose is.

Imposter Syndrome

This article discussed the 5 best ways to combat Imposter Syndrome, which is a condition that can hold back highly successful people.

The Trap of Entitlement

This article is about the Trap of Entitlement and the difference between those that do nothing less than everything to succeed, in contrast to those doing little more than nothing but expect everything.

Obese and Malnourished.

Obese and Malnourished.   The blood results came back and despite being so overweight that she was morbidly obese I could also see that from her results that she was also malnourished and suffering from malnutrition. In Short malnutrition and being malnourished...

The Grass is always Greener

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?
or is there more we can learn from this commonly used phrase.

180 minus age

This article looks at the concept of building a more efficient ‘fat burning aerobic base’ by applying the formula 180 – age to your training.